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Hi ONNers! Trillium Guild has a query for you:

As for our enquiry…the guild has organized retreats for many years at a lodge.  In booking for a retreat in a few months, for the first time, the lodge requires proof of liability insurance. We are trying to find out what other groups do when they need this insurance for a retreat location or for a regular meeting location.  We are not an EAC chapter so do not have coverage from an organization like that. We would be grateful to find out what any groups do so we can find a way to continue our activities in the future.

On behalf of the Trillium Embroidery Guild…thanks.

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  1. I have no information on this topic since I rarely go on retreats. When I go to a conference, that is covered by the group organizing it. Sorry I am unable to be much help.



  2. It’s probably a question best answered by those who organize the retreats or organize the guild insurance.


  3. Hello
    Contact an insurance company and ask them. When a charity holds an event inside a mall for instance they are required to pay for liability insurance just for those days. It was not very expensive. The retreat will have to tell you how much liability insurance they want you to be covered for.


  4. Suggest asking the lodge owners and someone’s personal insurance broker for recommendations. I know there was at least one organization that provided relatively low cost insurance for short periods like this retreat but it would take me sometime to ferret out the info. Meredith


  5. OOTB insurance is covered through Hub International. We have the certificate with their contact number. As well, Hub’s contact info is shown on OOTB’s room rental lease.

    If I recall correctly, Hub will issue insurance for one-off events for a fee. Any properly recognized group could likely get insurance, though an individual would have to use their personal credit card to pay. I believe all insurance forms are done online. OOTB piggybacked on City View UC’s own use of Hub, so had a code number that needed to be inserted when the insurance form is filled out.

    Hub has a helpline which I used numerous times, so I suggest Trillium Embroidery Guild or ONN contact them directly to discuss their needs.

    I hope this info helps.


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