Japanese Embroidery opportunity

We are a small group, looking to hold a seminar for new (or previous) students of Japanese Embroidery in Ontario. This style of embroidery uses lustrous flat silk and metallic threads on Silk fabrics to create traditional designs (please see the photos below) . We hope to spread our passion for this art form in Ontario. Contact Marian Preshing (mpreshi1@telus.net) or Lyndi Dougherty (Lyndi.Dougherty@schlegelvillages.com or (226) 979-1090)

Class date: Proposed – Thursday October 27- Monday October 30th   or in Spring 2023

Location: TBD – Guelph/Mississauga Area

Class Size: 8-10

Teacher: Marian Preshing – Certified by Japanese Embroidery Centre In Georgia

Phase 1 approx. cost:   $170-260(See website to Choose Design, Ordered through Marian) 

One time basic supplies cost: $90-200  (cost of embroidery frame TBD)

Teaching Fee: $40/day/student + travel/lodging (TBD)

Registration Deadline: July 18th, Supply order by September 1st (if there are not enough participants we will attempt for Spring 2023)

Marian Preshing Contact Information:    mpreshi1@telus.net

Learn More:   https://www.japaneseembroidery.com/#learn

Instagram: #japaneseembroiderycenter 

A seminar on traditional Japanese embroidery by Benedicte Rio    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ygASkomcPo

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