About & Membership

The Ontario Network of Needleworkers (ONN) was formed in 1983. Our membership includes 13 stitchery guilds and groups across the Province, representing about 700 members.

Our mandate is:

  • To encourage communication among guilds and groups of needleworkers.
  • To share information about available resources: teachers, speakers, suppliers, etc.
  • To have an awareness of travelling instructors, to coordinate visits and share costs on some ventures.
  • To exchange information on current and upcoming fibre events: shows to visit, calls for entry, etc.
  • To help raise the profile of needlework to the general public.

To keep the organization manageable, the members elected to not have a board of directors, instead the administrative duties are handled by an editor/treasurer (2-year term).  The editor/treasurer handles requests for information, membership fees and coordinates and distributes the quarterly newsletters. The ONN-Line newsletter is distributed to member guilds in August, October, January and April.

The fiscal year is June 1 to May 31, and an annual general meeting is now held in the Fall, online. The AGM is hosted by one (or more) member guilds and therefore, the location of the varies each year.

Membership & Member Benefits

  • Opportunities to share teacher costs with ONN member guilds/groups
  • Quarterly ONN-Line newsletter
  • Seat at the ONN Annual General Meeting
  • Exhibit in the Show of Works at ONN AGM

For ONN membership information, please email us or fill in the form below.


ONN-Line Quarterly Newsletter

Newsworthy ONN-Line submissions should be emailed to the editor.

Submission Deadlines:
Issue #1   by 25 July – for August issue
Issue #2   by 25 September – for October issue
Issue #3   by 15 December – for January issue
Issue #4   by 25 March – for April issue

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