Upcoming online Workshop with Rachel Singleton

All over the world, there has been a greater sense of wanting to record, to capture and to remember. I thought about how I would I like to contain my memories. Was there something other than a sketchbook that I could use to record walks from home or to remember days out?

And so, the notion of a stitched Busy Body as a memory keeper came into being.”
Rachael Singleton

Rachael Singleton is a mixed media and textile artist from West Yorkshire, England, who combines paper, fabrics, fibres and other materials to create one of a kind artworks inspired by the natural world around her

Canadian Embroiderers’ Guild London is hosting this online event at a cost of $40. If any ONN member would like to attend the Rachael Singleton workshop on Nov. 19 and 26 (9:30-3 each day), they should email Joanne Adams at registrar.ceglondon@gmail.com with their name, contact phone number and email address, indicating their interest in the workshop. She will let you know if there is still room and how to send an etransfer payment.