Ailsa Craig Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival – Challenge

We received the following correspondence from Sharon Straus:

Allow me to introduce the Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fibre Arts Festival. The festival is an international event that sees this tiny village in southwestern Ontario, Canada bring fibre artists from visiting countries to display over 120 quilt and fibre art works of exceptional international quality. The visiting fibre artists teach workshops throughout the week, walk the show to converse with guests, are billeted by local townspeople and generally get a wonderful taste of life in North Middlesex while sharing their rich culture with our guests.

Our guest country for 2020 will be Spain. 

We would like to extend an invitation to the second Quilt and Fibre Art Challenge to be hosted by the Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fibre Arts Festival. We invite Fibre Artists from across Canada to participate in this challenge to celebrate the culture, flora, fauna, history and geography that comprises Spain. 

The Challenge “Spain Through Our Eyes” was developed to allow the Festival’s many followers to participate fully in the event, even if distance precluded their attendance. All art work will be on display in the Ailsa Craig Arts Centre and Ye Olde Town Hall during the 2020 Festival and viewed by approximately 3,000 visitors. Thirty fibre art pieces, as selected by visitor voting and our Spain guests, will be forwarded to Spain where they will participate in a travelling show. An additional Canadian Travelling Trunk Show may also be established.


If you have any questions or would like promotional material, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Sharon Straus
Challenge Coordinator

I look forward to hearing from you or a member of your guild and of course seeing entries into this great challenge.