I was pleased with the Ontario Network of Needleworkers meeting in October.
Appreciation was expressed to Kathryn Robichaud, at the meeting, for taking on multiple roles for several years. Happily, 4 people stepped forward to fill those roles.
We have Helma Bos from Brant Broderers taking on the role of ONN Contact, Dianna Thorne from Toronto Guild of Stitchery taking over as Treasurer and Judy McMullan from CEG Guelph will be looking after the ONN website. Fiona White (Embroiderers’ Guild of Peterborough) will work on creating a Facebook page.
It was decided that the newsletter could be entirely distributed by email, rather than having a printed copy sent to each guild. It means that those without access to email or who wish to have a printed copy will need to rely on a connected friend. (I can say that, at CEG Guelph, we keep one copy in our library.)
Unfortunately Debbie Bianco, who expected to be doing the newsletter, has had to step down. However, we will be using the website to keep the lines of communication open so keep sending in your news and photos! As you can see, I have put together the different Guild Reports in one document so we have a basic newsletter from those reports.
People liked having the AGM in the fall and a motion was passed to keep that timing. The three guilds working together to put on the 2018 AGM thought it worked well as long as plenty of email communication was kept up.
The next AGM will be hosted by Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild in 2020.


–Judy McMullan, ONN Webmaster