Stitching Evening Out

Neilson Park Creative Centre, a not-for-profit community arts centre, will host a monthly drop-in program where stitchery and embroidery artists can create and share in an appreciation for needlework. Each drop-in session is facilitated for 3 hours and is accessible to both our members and the public for a fee of $5.00. Participants will meet in our gallery where they will work among a display of works from independent artists, art collectives or art organizations.

Hand embroidered name

Close up of the needle from the hands are doing embroidery letter onto the fabric.

The first evening is on Wednesday, April 11 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. Subsequent evenings are scheduled for May 9 and June 13.

To find out more about the Neilson Parck Creative Centre, visit their website. To learn more about their upcoming events, see the spring/summer catalogue.