Trillium Embroidery Guild – Whitby

3rd Wednesday of the month (September to June)
7 to 10 pm
Perry Terrace, 220 Perry Street, Whitby
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Report – July 2021

Submitted by Marion Brumwell – ONN Rep

At our final Zoom meeting of the year in June, members of the Trillium Embroidery Guild elected a new executive for 2021-2022. We proposed some ideas for program for the fall. We also shared projects that each of us plans to stitch over the summer months. Now we anticipate a great “Show and Tell” in September when we hope to resume meetings in person at our regular location.
















Report – March 2021

Submitted by Barb Angier, ONN Rep

SPRING 2021 Update

Our ZOOM meetings have been well attended……It’s been great to see the all the wonderful pieces our members have been working on. We’re so looking forward to getting together in person.
We continue to work on our Alphabet sampler designed by Kim M.  We just finished the alphabet stitches and are now thinking about how to finish them – Frame? Bell Pull?
All our members have been busy during the pandemic. Here is a sample of our work. Enjoy!!




Report – December 2020

Submitted by Barb Angier, ONN Rep

We have been continuing to meet monthly via ZOOM…… Really it’s more of a show and share and a chance to connect with each other during this challenging times.

For those who are participating, we also meet once a month to work on our Alphabet sampler designed by Kim M.  We now up to the letter N!  At this rate we’ll finish by the end of June.  I’ve enclosed a copy of the finished inspiration piece as well as a few progress- to date-photos.

Stay safe everyone…. And have a wonderful holiday season.

Report – July 2020

Submitted by Barb Angier, ONN Rep            25 July 2020

Our last guild meeting was in February.  Since then there have been a few email exchanges to keep in touch.  Everyone is doing well – thankfully – and getting lots of stitching done.

As reported in our last newsletter we had just embarked on a beautiful Alphabet sampler designed by Kim M.  It features a different stitch for each letter of the alphabet.  We had just kicked off the program before everything changed.

After surveying our members, we have decided that we will resume our monthly guild meetings in September using ZOOM.  The meetings will follow a different format – no business meeting really to speak of – mostly sit and stitch and show and share.   I’m expecting a lot of finishes in September!!   We’re all looking forward to getting together again.

Those members who are participating in the Alphabet sampler program will meet at a different time and new stitches will be taught – again using the Zoom platform.  It’s a beautiful sampler and we had always intended it to be a longer-term project.

We hope everybody’s taking care and staying safe.  We’re lucky to have our stitching to keep us busy and calm our minds.

Report – March 2020

Submitted by Barb Angier, ONN Rep            25 March 2020

We got off to a bit of a slow start this year. Our September/19 meeting was a great opportunity to get together and catch up on our stitching activities over the summer

At our October meeting, Geri I. led a workshop on cording to embellish our finished projects. It was very well received and was put to good use to finishing our Christmas ornaments. In November, Marion B. led a workshop on making a couronne – a knotted ring that can be used for embellishing.
December was our annual Christmas ornament exchange and potluck supper.

Christmas Ornaments

At our December meeting we also agreed on our program for the rest of the year – and now probably into next year. Kim M designed a beautiful Alphabet sampler that features a different stitch for each letter of the sampler. We kicked off the program with a stitch day In January with the intention of covering 2-3 new stitches at each meeting. Guild members have offered to help to lead the stitch workshops.

Show and share has been truly inspiring. Here are some examples of the extraordinary stitching our group has been working on.

We hope everybody’s taking care in this difficult time. It’s a good chance to get on with unfinished projects and be inspired to take up some new ones.

Report – August 2019

Submitted by Barb Angier, ONN Rep

We had a really great year this year. In addition to the program and special guest presentations described below – we held two stitch days and two weekend getaway retreats. All were well attended. We also welcomed a number of new members to our guild.

Our annual challenge award – the TATAs (Trillium Annual Theme Awards) this year was smalls. To kick things off, at our September meeting we culled our guild library and displayed an array of smalls patterns. Members also brought examples of completed smalls for inspiration. At October’s meeting Kim gave a presentation on needles and, in January, one on thread storage. Very informative.

At our December meeting, we held our annual potluck dinner and ornament exchange.

We held a number of workshops at our meetings this year. Kim led a workshop on canvas work, Jeanette led a workshop on embroidered miniatures in jewellery, and Geri led a workshop on making magnetic needle-minders.

At our May meeting, local fibre artist, Rosemary Oliver talked to us about her many pieces of artwork she describes as ‘painting with fibre and thread’. She is skilled in so many areas which she has synthesized with her interests in the environment and preservation nature. We are so grateful she was able to take the time to come and speak to us. It was an incredible presentation of her work – very informative and inspiring. Here are some samples of her work.

In June, at our year-end potluck meeting we awarded our TATA winners. Our annual challenge award – the TATAs (Trillium Annual Theme Awards) this year was smalls. This is defined as “a functioning piece of stitching that could be found in a sewing basket”.

Marilyn received the Original Design Award for her exploding box project, Jeanette received the Chart/Adapted Award for her Hardanger Trio – a needle case, pin cushion and scissor fob, and Geri received the Technical Merit Award for the ‘Just Bee’ set – a pin cushion and needlekeep.

Report – August 2017

What an amazing year it has been for the Trillium Embroidery Guild! We had great attendance and welcomed a couple of new members as well as saw the return of some of our past members. It was great to see everyone this past year, and are looking forward to your return in the fall.

We had a wonderful program this year designed by Carol Arsenault, and assisted by Kim and Meagan Mather. At each meeting throughout the year guild members were given the next step in completing their very own armchair caddy, complete with scissor pocket and thread catcher.


Two designs were created, one for those who prefer free form embroidery and another those who prefer counted works! Our ladies are doing a great job stitching and can’t wait to see them all completed in the fall!

For the last meeting of every year Trillium Embroidery Guild has their “TATA’s” (Trillium Annual Theme Awards). I would personally like to thank everyone who participated a made this year’s sampler theme a huge success. Every year a theme is chosen at random by our members, and the stitched piece must be completed during the following guild year. Looking forward to see what everyone does for next year’s theme of animals.