Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild

Meets: 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
September to June
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Lion’s Community Centre
157 Elgin Street East, Cobourg
Contact: 905-885-4029  Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Report – March 2023

submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN Rep

Greetings to everyone –

We hope everyone is surviving what has turned out to be a different winter for all of us. The big pre-Christmas “blizzard” followed by some big snows – all of which seemed to come up from the mid-west of the USA, rather than down from the north.

Our efforts to have a display in our local Cobourg Public Library seem to have paid off . . .



We welcome new members Karin B. and Iran Y.

January was a getting back from the break, lots of catching up, and finishing some projects started before Christmas.

We didn’t manage to have our February Festival of Broken Needles (maybe next year), but Susan C. filled the dates with “Hearts”.

The little token of friendship that has become very popular with children, seniors, people who are not well, and instead of a hug, to give to those you care about.


We did get organized with items to be on display at a local Finance company’s main street downtown windows (Edward Jones Investments). Everyone dug out their choice pieces and Susan & Floyd C, and Immy & Wilfried L. took them to be displayed.

Already this is looking very promising publicity, and maybe we will get some more ladies to join our group.


The weather put a bit of a damper on a couple of meetings, but to make up for those days, Heather J. has organized a “stitch-in” at the Cobourg Public Library.
These “stitch-in” days are on the alternate Tuesdays to our official meetings, and are quite “casual”, but everyone seems to be doing their projects as well as socializing.

The first time this happened, our members discovered that in the next room was the regular Tuesday meeting of the Cobourg Art Club members, so everyone sort of visited each other. It seemed quite enjoyable as the artists were interested in the stitchery, and the stitchers went around and looked at the art works.

(I am a member of both groups, so now have a dilemma after alternating between the two groups for the last several years – but now they are next door to each other !!).

Toward the end of March, Anne S. is going to give us some guidance on how Smocking is done. Anne is our Smocking expert and has made up a series of pieces that can be made into a smocked necklace. Several members are going to try this out, as it seems quite different from some of the stitchery they are currently producing.

Our April event with member Anne C, the making of a fabric basket, is now going to take place in the new 2023-2024 season. We have made fabric boxes in the past, but this will be something to look forward to, and different.

For May, our new member, Beth W. is taking us through her artistic journey into Stitchery, with the various projects she has completed, along with samples, and inspiration.

Our other open dates are dependent upon arrangements, we may be visiting Brighton for a shopping spree, or we may be having a shopping spree in the parking lot – courtesy of Kimat Designs.

Immy L. has already booked our June AGM meeting place – the Dalewood Golf Club dining room – where we will also hold our AGM before the goodies are served.

March, 2023 : smc


Report – December 2022
Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone –

After our Welcome back to everyone on September 13, where we welcomed new members : Beth and Paula, we have been joined by Mary and are hoping our display in the local Library will produce a few more members.

Starting off the season on 27 September, we had guest speakers Phyllis Wilson and Sylvia Wilkins.

Phyllis has a life-long love for Japanese embroidery and brought samples of several projects she is working on – a multitude of stitches and colours, but the astounding thing for all of us is that she buys the silk (90 meters) and twists it herself into the right thicknesses and colours as required by the patterns.

Speaking of patterns they are as intricately detailed as the embroidery.

Although Sylvia did not show Japanese embroidery, her own embroidery was as intricate and inspiring. She does not make her own thread, however, the designs were just as intricate. Interested? Check out: “

After drooling over the exquisite pieces by Phyllis and Sylvia, we came “down to earth” at our meeting on October 11 with Susan running a Felt Poppy workshop.  We tackled the felt and came up with a Poppy brooch version ready for 11 November.

Picture 6.5

Our 25 October meeting was a lovely display and talk by Danielle Barnes and Lesley Poper from Quilts of Valour in Trenton.

The mission of this society is to present beautifully constructed quilts to members of the military, past and present, who are ill or who have been injured as a result of their service. Danielle explained that not all illnesses or injuries are “visible”. To quote from their web site, “A Quilt of Valour™ is a hug from a grateful nation and a tribute to an injured Canadian Armed Forces member.”

Each quilt from the Trenton chapter has its own unique edging which makes it recognizable as a quilt made by their volunteers. This all-important organization relies on volunteers and sponsors like Northcott Cottons, Janome, N. Jefferson, and Nolting.

After the presentation and question period, we were treated to a large display of completed quilts.

If you are a quilter and would like to help, would like to nominate a recipient, or want to learn more about the organization, please go to

We are then all going to work diligently on items to go into a Christmas Craft Show being held at the Cobourg Community Centre on Saturday, 3 December.

We have never sold our sewing items, so this is very new to us, and we are looking forward to our “Sales” event – the Christmas Craft Show, and are busily making items for that – all at cheap-to-“reasonable” prices – we think everyone will be looking for a bargain; more news in the next Newsletter.

In the meantime……”Carry On, Carrying On”.

December, 2022 : smc


Report – September 2022
Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone –

Where to start when you’ve had a busy summer…… We started off with a small gathering in Victoria Park for WORLD EMBROIDERY DAY – 31 July with Immy, Annie, Cathy, Eva, Sue, Judy, Wa (a visitor), other members were off at cottages or had family visiting (this day was probably chosen by someone outside of North America, as this is Canada’s Civic Holiday weekend). [Right. It was chosen in Sweden. -Ed.]


It gave us chance to organize a group to take part on Sunday, 14 August, in the Lang Pioneer Village, Keene, Ontario, event weekend titled “Tying the Knot” which featured a parade of bridal attire through the early years, and various displays.

The day turned out to be pleasant and those of us who attended were given dresses, bonnets, and aprons for the occasion. We had a display table with our own treasured family heirloom pieces – doilies, tablecloths, bedspreads, christening gowns, table runners, handkerchiefs, napkin holders, etc., which were very well received by the many visitors to our display.

Display of vintage items-2


Display of vintage items-3Display of vintage items-1_SheilaIMG_3482_SusanCBevy of Beauties

Our next big event was our FIRST MEETING of the 2022-2023 Season – 13 September. It was a good day and we greeted 2 new members : Beth and Paula. Beth has had Fabric Art shows in a local Cobourg store and Paula is anxious to try her hand at Crewel – so WELCOME to both ladies..

Our Executive have been hard at work and we have a calendar taking us up to December. In September, we are being visited by two ladies, Guest Speakers Phyllis Wilson and Sylvia Wilkens on a topic of Japanese embroidery, and this will be followed in October with a workshop for Felt Poppies and then probably Quilts of Valour (quilts for military personnel) under negotiation at time of writing.

We are then all going to work diligently on items to go into a Christmas Craft Show being held at the Cobourg Community Centre on Saturday, 3 December. We have never sold our sewing items, so this is very new to us.

In the meantime, we formed a crew to “man” the tables at the Port Hope & District Agricultural Fair during the weekend of 16-18 September. This is the first Fair since Covid – with all new Town staff and all new Fair staff, so it was a bit discombobulated at times, but we survived.

At the Fair we started a new thing for us…. A Free Draw. The prize was a Singer 5-inch Cube Sewing Kit. Entrants filled out name, Landline and Cell phone numbers and Email addresses, and were asked whether they were interested in seeing any more of our displays and whether they wanted more membership information.

Out of 45 replies, 17 replied for seeing more displays and 10 replied wanting more information on membership.
We now have a list of emails in case we wish to promote any of our events. (Marketing tactics ??)

And our Happy Winner of the Free Draw. . . . . . .


Jillian has had yet another display, this time of Mixed Media (we are sure it includes something with a needle and thread!), which ran from 18 August to 25 September at the Northumberland Arts Gallery in Port Hope. Congratulations Jillian!

We were all very sad to hear that Queen Elizabeth II had passed away (8 September, 2022), and most of us will remember exactly what we were doing at the time we heard the news.

Because of our committed involvement with the Port Hope Fair, and our Chief Techie (Susan C) having family business, we were not able to take part in the Zoom ONN AGM 17 September meeting. We hope the meeting went well and look forward to the Minutes. We are still very supportive of the ONN and hope the Minutes don’t hold any bad news.

We are now looking forward to our “Sales” event – the Christmas Craft Show, and are busily making items for that – all at cheap-to-“reasonable” prices – we think everyone will be looking for a bargain; more news in the next Newsletter.

In the meantime……”Carry On, Carrying On”. 25 September, 2022 : smc


Report – July 2022

submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN Representative

Greetings to everyone –

In June we seemed to be finished doing our Zoom meetings and were back in place at the Lion’s Centre, just in time for the close of our 2021-22 Season. (Murphy’s Law)

* * * * * * * *

Most of us are faced with the sad proposition of disposing needlework accessories, kits and other items for friends or members who have passed on. Well it was our turn to dispose of a huge stash for a gal who had lived next door to Immy.

The stash contained quality items and upwards of 10+ boxes filled to the brim. The local Knitting Group took all the wool, patterns and needles for disposal as well. Several complete kits went into an Auction for Helping Hands (a local Charity organization).

This stash took Immy, Heather and Sheila two or three meetings just to sort it into categories and matching up kits, patterns and thread. We did get through it.

On Tuesday, 14 June, 2022, our AGM and Luncheon were booked at the Dalewood Golf Course and we all descended on the lounge and eating area.

Susan C. conducted her first AGM which went very well, confirming our Executive members and plans for the upcoming 2022-23 season.

Then came the moment to view and review the stash – it filled at least 4 tables. We raised over $400 for our depleted coffers, and the leftovers were being dispersed to other Guilds.

Well Anne S. has again been busy, busy, busy….. she has made a dress and matching jacket to go into an auction at the Port Hope Cameco Capitol Theatre for their December Charity fund-raiser.

The ribbon threaded in the dress is “White Stewart” and matches the jacket perfectly.

Our next news is that Immy has FINISHED the Apples….. this project has taken about 2 years (along with other projects she has also accomplished).

She tells us that it took 1,071 hours to complete this 19” x 19” piece and there were 68 colours, not 64 ! With this number of colours…. il_apple5-1071 hrs_19x19_300what are 4 more !!!

The Apples are now framed – a further photo will be in the next newsletter. (Framed by our favourite framer, Kim Mather of Whitby’s Kimat Designs at: https://www. )

February to March, 2022
Most of our members were hosted by our member, Jillian Roos-Markowitz, at her 4-month show of her art and stitchery at The Loft in Cobourg.

Jillian held one or two very nice intimate gatherings of members as she walked us through her pieces and how they were inspired by other items or events.

Most enjoyable and I’m sorry we didn’t have any photos to record this event.

Shortly after the Guild’s AGM, Immy and her husband visited family in Germany where she is spreading the enthusiasm to family and friends about stitchery. She in turn was surprised to see two pieces by her sister’s girlfriend’s daughter who completed the following :

These two pieces are quite large and in very bright colours, so quite different. The following is the company they can be purchased from:×60-cm-diy-fadenkunst

We all should have a Celebration Time . . . .

Our Guild has been around since 1985, and one of our Founding Members – Vivian Foster, has been a staunch member of the Guild since it was started. Recently, Vivian has been experiencing eye and hand issues, and has decided to “retire”… so on Tuesday, 12 July, we had a big Pot Luck Luncheon at Immy’s home as a Thank You for Vivian’s support over the years. Already an Honorary Member, even though “retired”, Vivian will be welcome to drop in to our meetings at any time.


Unfortunately the sunshine was short-lived and we had to retire indoors as it poured with rain. . . . . However, we were able to see some of Vivian’s embroidery pieces that she has produced over the years; she took part in just about all the special sewing courses that were held.




Amid all the celebrations we add one more – our newest member – Jean Campbell – and we would like to point out to Jean that we actually do work very hard at our sewing projects….. with lots of fun events in between. Welcome to our Guild, Jean.

Speaking of new members, on 30 July, Immy and Sheila will again be installing, for the month of August, a number of our embroidery pieces, in the lobby display case at the Cobourg Public Library. Over the years this has been a successful method for us to increase our membership, and just before we open in September for the 2022-23 season.
After setting up the library display case, Immy and Sheila will get over to our next event – 30 July – World Embroidery Day. We are hoping the weather will stay pleasant and those able will meet in the same place as last year – by the Flower Clock in Cobourg’s Victoria Park. This year is very special and the Clock is decorated appropriately.

Carol finished her baby quilt and Sue D. also made a baby quilt for one of our newer members, Maddi S. who is expecting a happy event later in the year.


As local events seem to be starting up after the pandemic, we are receiving invitations to participate.

The first event being at Lang Pioneer Village Museum on Sunday, August 14th from 10am – 4pm, where they are celebrating “Tying the Knot” all about early 19thC wedding traditions. Several members are planning to take part, donning a costume for the event. []

Our next event for participation will be making plans to have a display table at the Agricultural Fair of Port Hope & District over the 16-17-18 September, 2022 weekend.

On Tuesday, 13 September, 2022, our Guild starts back at the Lions Centre (hopefully). There are plans to have instruction on making an embroidered box and doing other projects, all of which we will have more news in our next newsletter.

We hope all our ONN Sister Guilds are having a good summer and coping with the odd times we are in with regard to the new BA5 virus threats.

Now you all know about that English saying : ……”Carry On, Carrying On”.

25 July, 2022 : smc


Report – March 2022

Written by Susan Calverley, Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone –

We had a discouraging start to the New Year when COVID restrictions were reinstated and we were unable to meet in-person at the Lion’s Centre. However, we quickly adapted and put in place a revised plan.

The Guild purchased a Zoom account and used the first meeting of the year exploring and becoming familiar with Zoom. We have continued with online meetings since and are becoming more comfortable with it, even though a few glitches.

Since then, we have talked about creativity and that nothing is new under the sun. Creativity is about putting existing ideas together in new ways. While everyone has creativity in them, it, like any other skill, needs to be practiced and several methods and ideas were discussed on how to do that.

A “Welcome Back” gift containing Aida cloth, a needle and a pattern with a sentimental phrase about stitching and friends, was distributed to all members previous to the meeting. It was to have been part of our first in-person meeting, but instead was used as a challenge for the creativity meeting. The pattern, which was printed in just black and white, was the jumping off point for members to use their imagination to finish the cross-stitch in a colour, or colour combination of their choice.


Our very first Zoom Speaker, was our favourite framer, Kim Mather of Kimat Designs in Oshawa. Kim, a certified Zentangle instructor, led us through the steps of creating two different tiles. We explored several different line styles and how to add shading to give the design depth.

Kim let us know that Zentangle is not doodling, but a mindful form of art and creativity. She said that there are no mistakes in creating a Zentangle and this information helped to free us of any self-consciousness and to go with the flow and enjoy the experience. With lots of oohs and ahhs, many of us went from “I can’t do that. I’m not creative”, to “I didn’t know I could do that!”




In our most recent Zoom meeting, we learned How to Pick Colours for Our Embroidery Project. We gained an understanding of colour theory, colour terminology, and how to use the four colour schemes to help us choose a pleasing palette. Several examples of each of the four colour schemes, monochrome, contrasting, analogous, and triadic, were shown to give an appreciation of how the colours can be utilized in embroidery.

With the colour wheel as our guide, members used coloured pencil crayons to make patterns of different colour combinations, one for each of the color schemes. The challenge at the end of the meeting, was to translate those patterns using Aida cloth and floss on hand, into a small sampler.


During February, our member Jillian Roos-Markowitz opened a multi-month long show of her work at The Loft, in Cobourg. This interpretation of her watercolours into silk stitching has been well received and Jillian plans a private showing for our Guild members in early April.


For the rest of the season, we will continue with our rotation of in-person and Zoom meetings.

Our first meeting back was well attended, with a Show ‘N Tell of projects accomplished.









Those apples are almost finished – and Immy is still in a good state of mind !!!!
(There are 64 colours of thread involved. . . . !)

Breaking news: The apples are done!

Apples - Immy

Apples cross-stitch finally done! Stitched by Immy

Immy says “Hello ladies, did the final stitches this morning. [Mar 25th]
Spend 1071 hours stitching this 19×19 piece, it’s quite grubby after being in a frame for over 2 years.
Kim will have fun framing it.  Boy, I am a happy lark today.”




And Carol is working on squares for a baby quilt. . . . .

Future plans include learning to needle felt small succulents, and a Zoom presentation by Lianne Van Leylen, historical domestic interpreter at Upper Canada Village and owner of 1897 Schoolhouse Samplers.

As always …… Carry On, Carrying On.

11 March, 2022 : smc


Report – December 2021
Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone –

We think we are heading toward winter, but up to now, the east side of Toronto has been experiencing constant Fall-type weather – cloudy, quite a bit of rain, a week and a half of snow , high wind, sunshine and then repeating the pattern. Maybe when we get the cold weather we’ll be wondering why ?

We hope everyone is bracing themselves for “booster” shots and steering clear of the latest Omicron virus. Maybe we might get a different virus every 6 months the way things seem to be going.

As a Guild we had our first Executive Meeting at the Lions Centre in a couple of years (I think, one tends to lose track of time!!). 17 of us met – all signed in and double checked regarding vaccine status, masked, and well-spaced.

We had the pleasure of welcoming 3 new members Maddi Snowden, Monica Dixon and Susan Malarkey and we hope they are going to enjoy our future meetings.

We meet the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of a calendar month, so are going to have an “in person” meeting on the 2nd week and a “virtual” meeting on the 4th Tuesday.  Some of our members’ situations have changed the last 18 months, so hopefully the “virtual” meeting will help to keep them in the loop.

We had to decide whether we could afford to stay at the Lions Centre, and luckily we have made arrangements that are financially agreeable.

We had our Executive election and a few changes were made. A BIG Thank You to retiring executive members Patricia Noble (Co-Chair), and Merrilyn Caldwell (Treasurer), and a hearty Welcome to Susan Calverley (Co-Chair together with Cathy Orr) and for Valerie Futo Woods for “volunteering” to be the new Treasurer.

We are still working on stitchery projects and those UFOs and one of our new members (Maddi S.), although she’s started into Quilts, is inspired to convert some of her art pieces into needlework pieces.

ONN Conference, 2022

Our new Executive asked for, and received, a confirmation of commitment to membership by our Guild, in the ONN, but will have to look closely at the commitment to the 2022 ONN Conference in view of the outbreak of the Covid Omicron virus, and will submit a further report after their first meeting.

Looking forward to the ONN Guild Report with all the news – we love seeing what everyone else is doing during these odd times of comraderie.

As always …… Carry On, Carrying On.

15 December, 2021 : smc

EDITOR’S NOTE: Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild executive sent this, after Sheila’s report came in:

Our Guild recently had discussions regarding our commitment to hosting the next ONN AGM and it is with great regret that we have decided to withdraw our offer as hosts.

It has become apparent that we will once again be unable to host this spring due to COVID. It is also felt that our Guild is in a different position from several years ago when the offer was first made. Health issues, family commitments and fewer members are factors which may prevent members from fully participating in a project of this size.

As such, we feel we should decline from hosting the ONN AGM, return the seed money, and give other Guilds a chance to host.

With regards,

Susan Calverley
Co-Chair NHSG


Report – September 2021
Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone.
We hope you are all keeping well, and getting along with the new “life style”.
We have managed to have 2 or 3 meetings – in the open – and thoroughly enjoyed the exchange of “news” – you’d think we’d all been away on vacation !!  A bit of stitching took place, and some Show ‘n Tell was exhibited.
Our intended meeting of July 27th was on the wet side, so we all gathered in Victoria Park (Cobourg) on “World Embroidery Day” (30 July, 2021) – so very appropriate.

6 women seated outside, stitching

World Embroidery Day gathering

Patricia has been hard at work on the baby seals (taken from a Sue Coleman card) and brought in the framed piece which was absolutely stunning, whilst Sheila is still struggling with her Brazilian piece (a UFO).

woman holds framed image of embroidered baby seals

Sue Colman baby seals by Patricia


hands holding embroidery

Sheila’s Brazilian embroidery

Our next meeting was at Sue’s home on 13 August, 2021 – her home is on a hill with a lovely view
It was a lovely warm day with a nice breeze, and we had a mini-Executive meeting regarding the group’s activities. In order to keep the group together during the Covid restrictions, Susan C. is going to look into the probability of virtual meetings with speakers, or items of interest to the members. The membership fee was lowered, but felt essential to cover costs of electronic meetings.

women outside on a patio

meeting at Sue’s

Of course Anne S has been outdoing herself with yet another (Size 6) smocked dress in the current stages of production –

smocked dress components

And Susan C. has completed her little “wallet” (no money, but places for needles, scissors, etc.)

small needlebook with felt flowers

Susan C’s “wallet” exterior


needlebook with folding felt flowers

Susan C’s “wallet” – interior

We are all still catching up on those UFOs and Sheila’s surface embroidery pansies in a teacup are now framed (by Kim Mather) and match up with the other teacup with pansies (done a while ago).

2 framed embroideries of pansies

Pansies by Sheila

In the meantime she also completed a simple little tray cloth using a variety of stitches (stem, straight, satin, leaf, Fishbone, Detached Chain (Lazy Daisy) and French Knots). . . . .

white cloth embroidered with flowers

Tray Cloth by Sheila

Immy was progressing with her Apples, and since she’s not been able to garden and run around (with the Fashion Boot), she’s made a lot more headway with the Apples……

partially done cross stitch piece

cross-stitched apples in progress by Immy

ONN Conference, 2022

Since we decided to postpone the ONN Conference until 2022, we are keeping our fingers crossed that the 4th wave of the pandemic doesn’t cause further damage to our plans !!
There are rumours of a probable virtual meeting, and whether we have anyone with the technology to help us with that. So more news to come
We have submitted items and photos to the Inspirations Newsletter, and also see the articles submitted by other Canadian Guilds….. so our stitchery efforts are going further afield than they ever did before the pandemic.
Our members love to read the ONN reports, and don’t feel so “alone” in our own stitchery endeavours. We love the photos that everyone is sending in….. they are WOW moments in the reading.

As always …… Carry On, Carrying On.                                                      23 September, 2021 : smc


Report – July 2021

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone.

We are all progressing along and many of us have now had our 2nd vaccination. Who would think that our Stitchery Guild was dependent upon a “needle” !! True in both senses !!

We are still communicating with each other via email, phone calls, but not moved to the Zoom stage.

ONN Conference, 2022

Since our last report, we decided to postpone the ONN Conference until 2022, and this was conveyed via our ONN webmaster, Judy McMullan, to those interested.

We are venturing to have a Guild meeting in the local park, under the trees, (weather permitting) on July 27th. One of the topics will be our own future plans regarding the fact that our meeting place is going to be closed until 2022.

One of the topics for discussion will be the ONN Conference. We think that even in 2022, with the Delta variant of Covid-19 roaming the countryside, some ONN members may not be ready to travel from their home town all the way to Cobourg.
There are rumours of a probable virtual meeting, and whether we have anyone with the technology to help us with that. So more news to come

Jillian, Immy and Anne are still keeping in touch and communicating with our ladies…. And many are still plugging away with needle and thread, even though we are not together.

Of course Anne is still in the forefront with projects being finished just about every week (or so it seems)…. Here are some of her latest little smocked dressed :


This lovely little dress is complimented with a hand-knitted jacket – Anne’s other terrific skill.


In our last report Teresa was short of some of the DMC colours, so although help was offered, she did some juggling and well . . . . Congratulations Teresa the finished product is just lovely, and the framing – courtesy of Kim Mather – just sets it off perfectly.


I (Sheila) took on a small piece of surface embroidery – from a Swap Session a couple of years ago. It was a little piece someone started but didn’t finish. This is a photo of the piece not washed/ironed, but currently finished and being framed….


Also my 25-year project (groan..!) finally finished and currently Kim Mather is framing it…. I can now do French Knots in my sleep. The Needlepoint was very intensive, but the French Knots finished me off !! (I still like the picture after all these years !!)


Alan Maley’s “Winter Impressions” – a Sunset Needlepoint Kit (circa 1996-97)

Also completed a bunch of my “ad lib” sewing pieces for lavender sachets…..
(throw a few grains of rice in with your Lavender, makes a good balance of weight)


Oh yes, and I finished a 2006 project, started with a course being run by one of our long-time members, Mina Clappison. A lovely little Draw-string Beaded Bag (5” x 5”).


Last, but not least, Anne answered an Inspiration Newsletter request for what motivates her with sewing, and this was her reply in #289.


In our last Newsletter, we hoped you were going to have a good summer sitting around, chatting, enjoying a tea or coffee and generally catching up. We hope you’ve dodged the rain, kept ahead of the weeds, and planning more projects for the Fall.

We will keep you advised of ideas for the

ONN Conference now scheduled for 2022.

As always …… Carry On, Carrying On.                                                              22 July, 2021 : smc


Report March, 2021

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone.   Well, we’ve made it through the winter, and in our part of the world it really wasn’t too bad.

We are still communicating with each other via email, phone calls, but since we are a smaller group, we have not got into the Zoom stuff.    This must be really a great way to keep in touch if you have a large membership.

Speaking of large memberships…. For us that is the ONN.   We’ve had yet another email meeting, and this is now our official announcement, and like the decisions of most groups,

we are postponing the ONN Conference until 2022.

In Cobourg we have just had the 1941 and before (80s) folks vaccinated and now they are looking to the 70-79s age range.   Getting there, slow but sure.   Quite a few of us have been vaccinated – even though that’s giving our ages away !!   Our towns are in the Yellow Zone and we hope it stays that way.   Our Real Estate is booming as folks are getting out of Toronto.

Jillian, Immy and Anne are keeping in touch with our ladies…. Funny jokes, stories and videos….  We are learning more about each other – our likes and dislikes etc., – through these contacts.  

In January, Immy put out a call for some information/guidance she needed regarding graphs for her “Apples”.   It’s one of those huge patterns with very tiny stitches.   

She continued on and the second picture is March 2021…… so great progress.

January, 2021    

                                             March 2021

Of course Anne is putting us all to shame…. She just keeps churning out the work – finishing projects and doing new ones.   For winter she made her husband, Sel, mittens – copied from Bernie Sanders’ mittens (as seen at the Biden inauguration), and they are terrific for cold days.

The next project was a UFO – a Stitchery Needlecase, but it holds all kinds of items, tape, pins, scissors, etc., and folds in half with a tie.   The outside is a lovely surface embroidery flower design, and the inside is very intriguing because the lining fabric is how to do the various embroidery stitches.

Needlecase with embroidered flowers

hand stitched stitch guide

And just before writing this report, Anne has sent in yet another smocked dress for a little girl, and it has a little bonnet to match….. just a little more to finish it.

back view of smocked, green dress

front view of smocked, green dress

greet hat to go with smocked dress

finished hat and dress

Today Anne was getting eye cataract surgery, so she will have to lay low for a little while.  Take a break, and we wish her well.

Next comment was from Teresa – she is also finishing a UFO – a Dimensions pattern for a Teapot…… but as happens when you start a project unless you keep it fastened down, bits and pieces start to drift through your sewing box….. Teresa ran out of certain colours of thread, so she had to ad lib to continue.    Isn’t that what it’s all about on some projects !!   Anyway, it’s coming along beautifully, even though several of us have offered her access to our DMC stash!

needlework kit, completed

Annie Louise has begun to tackle a bigger Christmas Quilt after her hangings and table runner.

quilted tree

quilted tree block quilted table runner

Heather J. is another very busy lady – she’s been nominated as our Goldwork expert – although she insists she is still learning (aren’t we all !) she really likes working with this form of stitchery.

Her latest piece is a Mariner’s Compass from a course with Cynthia Jackson.

gold and silver compass on blue fabric


Heather was supposed to take this Course in Boston last September but we all know why she wasn’t able to be there.

However, Cynthia ran the best online Course and finished just before Christmas.  Although relatively pleased with her progress in Goldwork, Heather says she can see that more practice is needed to get the arcs perfect and the bricking lined up…argggh.  (We know what she means !!)

two large tudor roses still in embroidery frame

Heather is very proud of her two Tudor Roses.

They have been given to Grace Church on-the-Hill (Toronto) to form part of a Priest Stole.

She took the design from the 154-year old frontal (that apparently the RSN made for them) and made a few more additions.

She says she did her very best long and short satin stitches (silk shading) –  because we all know, the Church Ladies are very scrutinizing!

(Note :    The Anglican Church have very very strict Standards for needlework pieces, so if you are interested, make sure you obtain their written directions before you start.)

Her third piece shows her multi-coloured piece that is the actual centre of a mini-casket (circa 1700’s) sewing tool box. She thinks that putting it together may take as long as the stitching !

abstract, multi-coloured needlework

We are all looking forward to when we can get together – still distanced of course – and sit around and chat, enjoy coffee and catch up with general goings-on.

In the meantime we hope you are producing the “Challenge” project ready for the ONN Conference now scheduled for 2022.

Look forward to warmer days, sitting in the sunshine with your stitching on your lap.

As I always say …… Carry On, Carrying On.                                                                                      23 March, 2021  :  smc


Report – December 2020

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Greetings to everyone – although not meeting, we are alive, well and progressing with our projects.

Let’s celebrate in 10 days’ time – the shortest day of the year (21 Dec) and from then on the days will have more light, and we’ll be heading out toward summer.

Covid report : For ONN Guilds we should let you know that Cobourg was at the Green level for the longest time. The town shut down our beaches, and I’m not sure whether the Marina allowed US boats into the harbour – probably not. We started with 13 Covid cases, which rose to 40, and in the last 2 weeks has gone to over 100 (131 as of 10/Dec), so now we are in the Yellow level of living. Who would ever have thought that colours would dictate our lifestyles !!.

We were not keen on promoting Zoom meetings, because we are keeping reasonably in touch with emails. Our Cheerer Uppers – Immy, Jillian, Susan are doing a royal job with jokes, gardening items, items of interest, links to things we’d never dreamed of, videos of all kinds, but mainly keeping us all in mind and caring about us.

About 6 of the gals had a Stitch-in, but more like a “Chat-in” at Immy’s in the summer (14 July, 2020), and Patricia and a group of about 7 or so met at the Pavilion in the Park on 15 September; it was a bit on the cooler side and I just missed that meeting because of another appointment.

In the meantime, Patricia (President), has been on the warpath to the Lions Centre, regarding our missed dates for meetings, and how we are going to deal with the outstanding monies paid. Probably many Guilds have been in the same situation. Unfortunately, meeting possibilities are still out, and 2021 isn’t looking so great either. If this affects the ONN 2021 Conference, we’ll let everyone know in good time. In the meantime we hope you are producing the “Challenge” project – just in case !

Now to a display of projects accomplished…..
Annie Louise C. has just finished her winter wall quilt, as well as another one and a table runner.

Of course Anne S. has put us all to shame…. She keeps churning out those little smocked dresses and accessories as fast as a Bangladesh factory !!!

Not only that but she’s been doing cushions and quilts !!

Eva McC has diligently worked on her counted cross-stitch project – a huge undertaking, but it is finally finished and perfectly framed.

Jillian R-M had her Watercolour painting and Fabric Art piece selected to show in the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s Juried Show – so BIG Congratulations to Jillian.

And very quietly Sue D sent in her finished project to the Australian Inspirations Newsletter No. 255,– just a lovely piece and Congratulations to Susan. Excerpt from Newsletter below.

Our other Susan (with a C.) who is our “felting expert” put all her gnomes and little people on one side and she too has just finished a project which started out as a Blackwork Design – but, knowing Susan she decided to “give it some colour” – and it turned out beautifully as a bookmark.

And a while ago, Teresa finished this lovely little birth commemoration for her niece in Virginia, USA.

I have finally finished the needlepoint part of a picture I started 25 years ago, but it is covered with French Knots (snowflakes) – and when this is all done I will breathe a sigh of relief and claim to be a French Knot expert !!

Members are not able to hug and console, but are thinking of these two ladies –

Barbara Kershaw has temporarily resigned her membership with us, as her husband is not in the best of health, and Jillian R-M has just lost her twin.

We are all hoping 2021 will bring better news on the health and living front for EVERYONE !

In the meantime, masks on – shop local for support – go easy on the spending – and we’ll see you all the other side of Christmas. Have a Good One !

Oh yes, and Carry On, Carrying On.

10 December, 2020 : smc

Report for July 2020

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative                              10 July 2020

Well, our biggest decision after the March report came with the announcement of the Covid-19 closings. It seems everything shut down in Cobourg on March 11, and we are still in “cautious” mode.

We had to wait for the meeting hall to announce their future plans, but of course, they were locked down tight as was everyone else. We finally reached them and managed to re-book the ONN AGM for 2021 – sooooo we hope to see you all next May 29th !!

Our biggest concern was for one of our members (Anne S. and her husband Sel) – they were trapped in Portugal – their usual Spring vacation place – when Canada decided to give everyone a couple of weeks to get back to Canada. They had a nightmare time trying to arrange flights, isolated for 14 days BEFORE they got on the plane, which wasn’t exactly a luxury return flight – sandwiches and bottled water – but their son made up for it when they arrived in Toronto. He had their car at the airport, a bag of groceries and his rubber gloves and mask – no hugging !! They were not allowed out of their house, not even for a walk on the street, for another 14 days.

It seems Immy has become our “Cheerer Upper and Postman”. She sends pictures of flowers in her garden, funny videos, jokes, and general news items. She encouraged everyone to send photos of their projects which we are all sharing. Everyone seem to start on their UFOs, and some are being completed !!

One of our newer members, Anne Louise, confessed she was working on a quilt-type reindeer wall hanging, with a braided border made from Christmas fabrics. A good project during our sweltering summer days !!

preparing quilt blocks

Immy decided to finish off the Dorset Buttons that she started before we finished meeting as a Guild – and they are lovely.

Dorset buttons

Anne kept busy in Portugal and finished off a sweater


And set up the smocked panel for a dress, which she finished on return..

smocked panel  smocked panel in dress

completed dress

I dug out 2 projects started 3 years earlier…..a sweater and a sewing box, oh yes and I decided to sew more crests onto my Scout Vest (so they don’t get lost !! ), and finished the Elsa Williams Crewel Bell Pull I started January, 2019.


sewing box

sewing box interior

scout vest with badges

embroidered bell pull

Anne also decided to finish a box. . . .as well as make another Smocked dress !!! (Check out the Inspirations Newsletter #243 for July, 2020.)

selecting fabrics

box interior

box exterior

We have swapped some ideas, and suggestions for various sewing projects, so although we aren’t face-to-face, we are thinking about each other; Eva may now be using applique to preserve a piece of sewing she wanted to keep.

Next we circulated the latest Butterick/KwickSew/McCall’s/Vogue newsletter, which gave FREE downloadable patterns of Masks and Gowns to cope with Covid-19. To be made for self or for others.

In Cobourg, we have a local group of ladies (Helping Hands Northumberland CA) who gather all kinds of items for circulation to needy charities. They turned their hand to making masks (770 handed out in July) scrubbie bags, mask bags, ear protectors, etc., for all local charity groups, clinics, hospitals, retirement homes, and organizations, and some of our Guild members have given them a ‘helping hand’ as well… a BIG Thank You to them for helping out.

Anne then started on ANOTHER dress – and finished that in record time !!

smocked dress

Susan C. (our Facebook, archeology, history lady) has circulated a whole bunch of UK Guild pieces of sewing, and interesting items of sewing from the internet. We have all shared pictures of flowering gardens and flower bouquets, as well as videos, funny jokes, inspiring philosophies and other news updates.

Susan C has finished a project started when her son was about 15 – and he’s now about 38. These are her comments, and they reflect so much how many of us have felt.

I have been very slow to get any stitching done through the lockdown, but finally got my act together in May and was determined to finish my Samurai cross stitch.
I wanted to be able to actually say I accomplished something in 2020 !

This is a sure candidate for a PHD certificate when we finally resume meetings. I can’t remember the exact year I started this. It is from a Dimensions Gold Collection kit which uses blended colours.

I thought the actual cross stitching was a challenge, but, as Sheila warned me, the detail work was a lot harder than I thought. I figured once I got to that stage, it would be a breeze. Haa haa, Sheila was right!! But I persevered.

The back looks like a dog’s breakfast, and I hated working with that darned gold thread, but I’ve learned quite a lot since joining the Guild, and hopefully I can improve somewhat on the next cross stitch project.

Samurai cross-stitch

Susan – that was no SIMPLE project – so good job done !!

In the hot weather I have spent time lounging on my deck, doing my “mindless” sewing pieces – namely the fronts for Lavender sachets. “Mindless” because I don’t have a pattern – making up flowers and sewing them as I go seems more relaxing (I usually like my sewing projects “structured”).

11 small projects

Jillian R-M held a workshop just before we closed encouraging members, like me, to feel free to “create” – so this was some of our starts…. and I still have to finish mine.

In the meantime, we are Carrying On, Carrying On. . . . .

Everyone keep safe –                                                 10 July, 2020 : smc

Report for March 2020

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative                              20 March 2020

We have had a very lively start to the new year, and welcomed another new member – Carol W. – to join in our busy group.. –

We started out with something simple – but challenging. Susan led us in making Dorset Buttons. As someone who has always wondered how these things are made, my fingers and thumbs effort distorted my design, which I covered over by making a design from it (an angel).
We went on to learn how to make more intricate designs and everyone had a very productive effort at the end.

2 Dorset Buttons

teacher and students create Dorset buttons

Following the Dorset buttons, Jillian organized an Applique project. This took place over a couple of meetings. She assembled several kits and everyone chose their favourite colours, opened the bag and got into it. This is such a new way of approaching Applique. Jillian is a fabric artist and so we were getting the chance to “try it out”.

woman holding fabric

students choosing fabric

selection of fabrics

selections of compatible fabrics

selection of compatible fabrics

selection of compatible fabrics

Whilst all these works of art were going on, several of our Guild members were off on the Annual “Tubbers” get-away down in Prince Edward County (Isaiah Tubbs Resort). This time they were gone for an extra day, so when we can meet again, we hope to see what they achieved. That is, in between all the meals, glasses of wine, good laughs and camaraderie.
(When we are able to meet again, as a Guild, we will find out what went on !!)

Immy has booked our Annual Meeting and Luncheon at our local Dalewood Golf Course, and we are hoping that this will take place in June.

Our ONN Committee met and put some final ideas together for the ONN Conference 2020, and we sent out the information to all the ONN Guilds.

Well, since then the whole picture has changed.

We heard from 3 Guilds who were not able to attend the May date (Sudbury, London, Brantford), but now it seems that no Guilds are going to be able to attend.

Our meeting Hall is closed, and we haven’t had chance to speak with the Administrator at the Meeting Hall; we were put on “hold” until April.

At this time we will try to negotiate a possible date for later in the year.

A number of other Guilds will be holding their participation cheques until we have more concrete information about a new date, which will be conveyed for consideration as we learn more details.

UFOs have become a “very popular” topic in the meantime…… what better time to get caught up.

We are going to keep smiling and keeping our fingers crossed, and will communicate in early April.

In the meantime, we are Carrying On, Carrying On. . . . .

Everyone keep safe                                                20 March, 2020 : smc

Report for December 2019 

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

Since our September Report, we are very pleased to welcome four new members to our fold.
They were in time to participate in another project of canvas work, featuring Bargello.   We hope this will be as successful as the Hardanger Sampler done earlier this year.

Cathie, our leader, (President’s job shared with Patricia N.) has been for a visit with us and is doing very well after her horrendous fall and broken leg.   Barb Kershaw is also on the mend.

In October, Immy and ladies made yet another trip to Gitta’s in Mississauga.  It was not a very good day for driving, but that didn’t seem to hinder the event, as the ladies went on their buying spree and luncheon outing.

Our ONN Conference 2020 Committee has been meeting to lay out some more plans and ideas, and we hope the guilds across southern Ontario will be reserving the date for this event.  Of course, more information will be forthcoming in the New Year, but in the meantime please make a note of the date :

Saturday, 30 May, 2020

Again we put Immy in charge of arranging our Christmas get-together luncheon, and this year we indulged at Gusto’s of The Waddell Hotel in Port Hope.  We all had a good time and enjoyed the fabulous luncheon and service.  Good job, Immy !

January will bring another project of Dorset Buttons…. and then in February, a project put on by Jillian….. I wonder if it could be “mittens”??

(Jillian’s daughter, in Australia, is involved with rescuing koala bears from the terrible fires…..we have sent a few “mittens” which are used on the bears’ paws.)

We hope that everyone enjoys the festive season and gets a chance to settle in for a quiet time of sewing over the holidays, and

We hope the ONN Guilds are planning to come and join us Saturday, 30 May, 2020.

We are Carrying  On, Carrying On. . . . .                          12 December, 2019 : smc

Report – October 2019

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN Rep

My August report briefly covered our AGM meeting held at Dalewood Golf Course (I was away at this time), however below are a few photos from that event – a lovely backdrop for a sewing event and luncheon (as well as AGM for the Guild).

I also reported about visiting Lang Pioneer Village in the July and have one more photo to add from that event.

We are pleased to report that Cathie our leader, (President’s job shared with Patricia N.) is on the mend. Several of us visited her up in Peterborough where she had to attend physiotherapy for several weeks, and now she is back home (in her own little bed !!) getting along quite well. October is looking promising for her as it’s been a long haul since breaking her leg at the end of April.

I missed the day, but Immy entertained the Guild members at her home in summer…. Fortunately the flood waters from the Cobourg Brook had receded and it was a lovely day for the event.

Another day I missed was earlier in the year when there was a Show & Share and “My Other Hat” event held at the Guild…… pictures follow of the “Show” part of the meeting

(I don’t deliberately miss my Guild events, I was President of a local Art Club for 2 years; their new President resigned, so I was called back into duty and to run their 65th Annual Art Show).

The smocked Doll’s dress matches the full-scale dress for the little girl. This lovely work is done by Anne Shields and was recently featured in the Inspirations All Stitched Up Newsletter No. 201.

We had another good and busily attended display at the Port Hope & District Agricultural Fair, (13-14/Sept) where Anne recently won THREE First Prizes for her smocking pieces. Sue D. and Immy L. also cleaned up with Prizes – as usual!! It is a good way to connect with the public and help increase our membership… and we do have some new members !

Our Guild is back for the Fall-Winter Session and Canvas work, Bargello and Dorset Buttons are on the agenda for upcoming projects, as well as a road trip to Gitta’s (not to be missed !)

Our Committee for the 2020 ONN Conference and AGM is moving along with arrangements, and information will be coming along when more details are available.

We hope the ONN Guilds are planning to come and join us next May 30, 2020.

We are therefore, Carrying On, Carrying On. . . . .

Report – August 2019

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, ONN representative

My March report ended with “Looking forward to warmer weather”…. Well it’s here, but before it came, let’s see what we were doing….

May was a busy month.   Members were still working on their Samplers and doing a great job, but then tragedy struck (4th)…. Cathie, our leader, took a tumble backwards down her basement stairs.   Not good news.   The prognosis being that her right leg needs a lot of healing and walking will be sometime in September/October.   Patricia set up a rotation card/visit roster for us to keep Cathie in the picture on this long haul.

So on May 14, we had our regular meeting in Brighton, at Knowledge & Needles the Sewing/Stitchery outlet run from the home of Ann McDonald.   Ann and her husband are fabulous hosts and they encourage so many groups to visit;  the hospitality is fantastic.  (Knowledge and Needles, 190 Smith Street, Brighton.  Tel:  613-475-4838 –

Next up was the Annual General Meeting which coincided with a luncheon at Dalewood Golf Course.

(I missed this event, but hear it went very well and a new Executive group was elected).

Because I missed the AGM I’ve only just heard that one of our newer members, Heather, went to have a new knee – so I’ve enrolled her for a Fall Marathon !!    She seems to have done very well with the surgery and is currently hanging on to some piece of cooling equipment used to help the repair of the knee.   I’ve given her permission to do some embroidery whilst she’s sitting around.

Every year, we visit a member’s garden for a Stitch-in – and this time it was Immy’s place.   She lives right on the Cobourg Brook and Lake Ontario, and was quite fearful that her garden would resemble a swimming pool.   However, the water did reside and the ladies met on the patio and had a terrific Pot Luck luncheon…. which I also missed.  (Senior moment – put the wrong date on my calendar).

The next venture four of us participated in was a volunteer day at Lang Pioneer Village, which featured an Antique Car Show, so there were lots of people.  We join up with the Northumberland Rug Hookers for this event.   As required, we donned our gowns and bonnets and started out in the Loom Room – it’s air-conditioned!    However, after lunch we decided to sit out on the shaded porch and it was just lovely.   We had a lot of interested inquiries, so these jaunts help promote our Guild as well as give us a lovely day out.

With this in mind a group of us are taking our sewing projects over to Cobourg Museum for a day on their verandah;   the Museum recently celebrated 200 years of James Cockburn (First Speaker of Canadian House of Commons) he was from Cobourg.   This event is to help the museum celebrate, and it will also give our Guild exposure to the local public.

Along with all these happenings, the Committee for the 2020 ONN Conference and AGM has been meeting and plans are being made.   Once we are back in September, we will have to get to work on some of the finer points of running this event.   Lots of fun !    We hope the other ONN Guilds will participate and come and join us next May, 2020.

We are therefore, Carrying  On, Carrying On. . . . .                                                                                                     22 July, 2019 : smc

Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild


Northumberland Rug Hookers

Report – April 2018

Submitted by Sheila McCoy, Onn Representative

We are all wondering where the first 3 months of the year have gone to.    We must all be working hard at our projects – “time passes quickly when you are having fun”.

Most members of the group have been hard at work learning all the new stitches that Cathie has put together to produce a Sampler of Hardanger.  The projects are going well.

Those members who did not take on the project are also progressing with their surface embroidery, Crewel, Brazilian, counted cross stitch, needlepoint projects.

In February a group took in Jillian’s (Roos-Markowitz) Showing of Fabric Art projects sponsored by the Edward Jones (Investments) office in Cobourg;  this company is a huge supporter of the arts in our town.

The crew of “Tubbers” took off for their jaunt with friends from Toronto Guild of Stitchery and Trillium (Whitby).  This year the weather for driving and being there was not too bad, so everyone had a good time – chatting, exchanging ideas, between the snacks, great meals and glasses of wine!!

We have now depleted our Library of books.   Very sad to see them go, but many were snapped up by members (and Tubbers).   The problem with a Library becomes storage of the volumes, and then if you have to move facility, it limits places to move to.

We are looking forward to warmer weather and finishing our projects.

As before, Carry On, Carrying On. . . . .

Report – April 2018

We are all wondering where the first 3 months of the year have gone to. We must all be working hard at our projects – “time passes quickly when you are having fun”.

Several of us still have to complete the sewing boxes we started, and they are all looking really good even in their various stages of completion.

On February 20, a group of Guild members had a conducted tour at the local Art Gallery of Northumberland to see the exhibit “Synergy” comprising art by Peter Haller and wall quilts by Dorothy Winter. Dorothy (a local lady) is famous for her wall quilts and her work is impeccable.

March is the retreat month and a good crew of “Tubbers” went off from 7 to 9 March, (before the school break) with friends from the Toronto Guild of Stitchery. The weather behaved itself, making the drive down to the Isaiah Tubbs Resort in Prince Edward County a pleasant one. Some of our members who have not attended this event before were very impressed with the skills and variety of needlework that everyone took to work on – that is, between the snacks, great meals and glasses of wine!!

As with many Guilds we have, over the years, built up a library of useful books. However, storing and keeping check of them has been deemed a bit of an issue, and the internet seems to becoming more of a source of reference. So, we have decided to give our members a chance to purchase the books, and every week a few are displayed and sold. Personally, I feel very sad about this action because many of the books are “classic” and irreplaceable … but times keep changing, and we all have to move on. As long as they are not destroyed, they will bring pleasure to the recipients.

We are looking forward to warmer weather and finishing our projects.

As before, Carry On, Carrying On …

Report – December 2017

We are all working on our books with Cath Orr taking the members through blanket stitch and its various uses in embroidery … makes some lovely flowers!

Our new members are working in well; we have been treated to some “different” pieces of needlework. Susan Calverley showed us some of her felted pieces from little “picture” pieces to the cutest little people …



Barbara Kershaw started several members on their way to making a sewing box. This is no simple task and we all had “homework”. We are all at different completion stages, so swapping notes is very helpful.

One of our members, Teresa Harvey, is taking a well-earned rest. She brought in her latest project, a stitched portrait, which was a huge undertaking. Incorporating about 113 colours on the finest of linen. Her project was presented as a retirement gift to Rev. Dr. Brent Hawkes, CM.

Several members did the “Big Day” in the city – at Gita’s store … stocking up on all kinds of goodies ready to carry them through the winter months!!

At our last meeting date in November we were treated to yet another surprise … our member Eva McCormack is not only good with a needle, but also a machine. Eva’s a “quilt-aholic” using embroidery to embellish!! This is her latest delightful quilt for a granddaughter.

We have made plans for our annual Christmas luncheon to be held at the well-known Woodlawn Inn in Cobourg.

Also in the planning for 2018 is the Tubbers Expedition to the Isaiah Tubbs resort in Prince Edward County.

We hope everyone has had a relaxing Christmas and managed to get in a little sewing over the holiday season.

Wishing everyone a Good New Year in 2018. As before, Carry On, Carrying On …

For more information about our guild please go to the Northumberland Hills Stitchery Guild website.