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Day Guild – 2nd and 4th Thursdays :: 9:30 am to 2:30 pm
Evening Guild – 2nd and 3rd Mondays :: 6:45 pm to 9:30 pm

Website: “A Textile Arts Group”

Report – July 2021

The Guild year 2020-2021 has been a year of firsts for our Guild and a year of realizations.
It was the first year that our transitional September Executive meeting, welcoming new members and saying goodbye to retiring ones, was held in lawn chairs on our new President’s side lawn. Mother Nature was kind and blessed our socially distanced meeting with a beautiful autumn day.

It was the first year that we did not open registration in June to welcome new members to the Guild and advertise the classes that were going to be offered in the coming Guild year.

It was the first year that Guild membership was extended, at no cost to the membership, until the end of the new Guild year. For the first time a special category of membership was created for new members wishing to join the Guild for the 2020-2021 year, at a special lower fee since we were learning to cope with the pandemic as we went along.

It was the first year that online classes were offered by the Guild to members. The Executive authorized the purchase of a Zoom membership and that opened opportunities for communication and connection. The first classes were offered through a variety of online techniques: email, video and zoom. The response from the membership was positive. As the instructors became more comfortable with the technology, more classes were developed.

It was the first year that our main means of communication was online. Important Guild information, usually announced at the beginning of a Guild day, was replaced by regular emails from the President and others on the Executive. As time went by, and familiarity with Zoom increased, monthly Zoom Gatherings were held. These virtual gatherings became a way to communicate Guild information, break into small groups for discussion, or gather information from the membership through polls. The Gathering was a place to show and share prepared presentations of members’ work as well as the results of the President’s Challenges. It also became the venue for our Speaker Program. Every month, the Program Committee arranged for a speaker to give a Zoom presentation to our Guild members. The very fact that the presentation was virtual allowed us to have speakers we would otherwise not have been able to engage.

It was the first year of Gathering in the Park where hardy individuals, with lawn chairs in hand and masks at the ready to social distance and stitch, met in the park until the snows came. The groups resumed once lockdown had been lifted this year.

It was the first year of a Virtual Winter Retreat. Not quite the same as our annual get together but it was the best we could do. It was a virtual opportunity to sit and chat on a winter Saturday afternoon and let the cares of the world go by.

Because of all this …
As a Guild, we realized the importance of connection. It is important to communicate but it is equally or even more important to have that sense of connection. We wanted to make sure that we were reaching our members but simply providing information isn’t enough. There needs to be engagement, a making of connections with another person whether it was through an email response, a zoom class, a breakout room, a handwritten Christmas card or a simple phone call. A personal touch could make all the difference.

As a Guild, we realized the importance of the willingness to try. With the goal of offering virtual classes to our membership, the first instructors to try online teaching did so while the learning curve was steep. A lot of behind-the-scenes preparation went into each and every lesson for this new medium. They are to be applauded for their willingness to be innovators (or guinea pigs)

As a Guild, we realized the importance of perseverance. No matter what happens, you have to keep on trying. And that is exactly what we are doing with our 50th Anniversary celebration activities. I think we’ve lost count of the number of iterations we’ve gone through, but the planning still continues. It may be later than we’d originally planned but it is going to be great! The committee members and the Executive liaison are to be commended for their continuing efforts.

As a Guild, we’ve realized the importance of an open mind. The pandemic has made us find other ways to do things, other ways to offer programs to our members and other ways to perform the day-to-day operations of the Guild. Our minds have been opened to new possibilities. When the pandemic is over and we can once again meet in person, we will need to decide which of the necessities that were forced upon us we would like to carry on into the future of the Guild.

All in all, 2020-2021, has been one heck of a year!


Ann Steckley Dias

Ann Steckley Dias

SC Kathie Morgan

by Kathie Morgan

SC Stacey Arthur

by Stacey Arthur

SC Sylvia Alwan

by Sylvia Alwan


BB Liz Bell

by Liz Bell

BB Rita Bonora

by Rita Bonora

BB Sue Hickey

by Sue Hickey


Fabric Journals Kathleen Noseworthy

by Kathleen Noseworth

Fabric Journals Karen Blackwell

by Karen Blackwell

Fabric Journals Judith EMc

by Judith EMc


Faux Goldwork Adele Corke

Faux Goldwork by Adele Corke

Faux Goldwork Gloria Short

Faux Goldwork by Gloria Short

Faux Goldwork Nicole Crozier

Faux Goldwork by Nicole Crozier


Omiyage Andrea Manias

by Andrea Manias

Omiyage Deb Caldwell

by Deb Caldwell

Omiyage Meg Cheesman

by Meg Cheesman


Three Stitches Karin Avey

Three Stitches by Karin Avey

Three Stitches Wilma Kirmse

Three Stitches by Wilma Kirmse


Sketchbooks Bonnie Jackson

by Bonnie Jackson

Report – March 2021

Submitted by Cheryl Wallace, ONN Rep

Our Winter Session of virtual classes is underway with 10 classes being offered through a combination of zoom, email, and video. Members could choose from “Beginning Stitches”, “Decorated Faces”, “Three Stitches”., Dorset Buttons”, “Is it Blackwork or Black work?”, “Making a Fabric Journal”, “Faux Goldwork”, “Omiyage”, ”Sketchbooks” and “In Conversation”. Classes run from January 28th to April 22nd .

As well as offering virtual classes, CEG London provided members with an opportunity to come together to Gather and Stitch and enjoy guest speakers. We heard from our own Kathie Morgan on the topic of Botanical Printing and from Sheila Johnson on the topic of women’s clothing during the early 1800’s.

Since we were unable to hold our annual Winter Retreat, we held a smaller virtual Retreat on the last Saturday afternoon in January. We sat, we zoomed, we chatted and stitched and drank our assorted beverages. Everyone was free to come as go as they pleased; to take a walk in the fresh air and come back refreshed and stitch again. It was as close to our retreat as we were able to manage, and fun was had by all who were able to attend.

In February, our President, Andrea Manias, challenged members to make textile postcards that would then be sent on to another contributing member. The topic of the postcards was “Covid”. Everyone who entered the challenge received a postcard from another member.


On March 4th we held our Inspiration Day with presenter, Trina O’Rourke, from The Cotton Harvest in Seaforth, ON. She taught us Sue Spargo style stitching on wool featuring a whimsical bird. Our virtual day ran from 9:30 to 3:30 and many of our members were able to attend. The kits supplied for the day provided the wool, needles, threads and beads for 16 different stitches to embellish our birds. Also, in March we were challenged to create something with a Spring theme. Everyone is ready for sunshine and warmer weather.


CEG, London had planned to celebrate its 50th Anniversary, “The Evolution and Diversity of Textile Arts”, beginning in September 2021. Plans have been adjusted to start in June 2022, when a large range of exciting workshops will take place. More details will be announced.

Report – December 2020

Submitted by Cheryl Wallace, ONN Rep

When the realities of Covid 19 made themselves felt in our local communities, the Executive of the Guild made the decision to halt all indoor, in person meetings for the remainder of 2020. As a result, our Textile showcase became a virtual event thanks to the hardwork and dedication of the committee and perseverance of Linde Marie Echinger in uploading hundreds of photos to the Guild Facebook page for members to view.
With no change likely in the fall, members began to explore the online opportunities available. Links to interesting videos and workshop opportunities were posted on the Guild Facebook page. Executive and committee meetings began to be held by Zoom.

Hardy and dedicated members of Gather and Stitch met in Gibbons Park, masked and properly social distanced every Thursday, when the restrictions for public gatherings outdoors were relaxed. Armed with lawn chairs, beverages , needlework projects and ever heavier coats, this group has met from September through November, though the need for gloves may soon bring that to an end. But then again, who knows?

Several of our Guild instructors, under the umbrella of the Education Coordinator, took up the challenge and offered their fall classes online through a combination of Zoom, email and video. These offerings included: “Beginning Stitches” by Amy Lee, “Decorated Faces” by Jen Wilson, “Three Stitches” by Linda Watson , Faux Goldwork” by Adele Blennerhassett Corke, “Sketchbooks” by Jackie Venus and “Antique Plushwork” by Kathie Morgan. The response to the classes, from teachers and participants has been positive and much has been learned from this first experience. Planning is underway for online classes for the winter session since it seems unlikely that things will change early in 2021.

Our inventive Librarian has developed procedures for a safe, contactless exchange of library resources that then wait in quarantine before resuming circulation. We have developed a monthly Zoom Gathering where we can come together to share news, announcements, chat with each other and enjoy guest speakers. Plans are underway for a festive December Gathering.

While planning continues for our 50th Anniversary celebrations, the actuals events, the Opening Gala, Celebration Tea, workshops and other activities have been postponed until the 2021-2022 Guild year.
In summary, although we can’t meet in person and the likelihood is that this is the reality for months to come, we, as a Guild, are finding new and novel ways to show and share our skills with each other. Staying in touch has never been more important than it is right now and we are doing our best to keep our members informed, engaged and connected.

Report – July 2020

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Rep       6 July 2020

CEG, London has cancelled our fall classes, but have not yet made a decision about our winter session.
We are maintaining contact with our members through email and telephone.
All our members from last year have had their membership extended to the end of this calendar year. We are not accepting any new memberships at this time as a fee schedule has not been developed due to the cancellation of activities.
Our AGM is scheduled for Saturday, September 12 and we will be proceeding with it but offering our membership the opportunity to participate electronically, by proxy, or by completing paper copies of our motions.
We have a wonderful education team who will be offering our members the opportunity to participate in some online classes during the fall.
Planning for Summer Workshop 2021 with Karen Astrid Clark and Richard McVetis is proceeding.
Our 50th anniversary celebration “Evolution and Diversity of Textile Arts” will occur during our 2021 – 2022 year and will be a year long celebration culminating with several workshops in June. Details will be posted on our website early next year.
Stay healthy and happy stitching.

Report – March 2020

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN rep     17 March 2020

Day group began the New Year with Inspiration Day on January 9.

“My Life in Stitches” was presented  by Jackie Venus at the afternoon program on January 23.

Another well attended Winter Retreat was held at Camp Trillium from January 30 to February 2.

On March 7 there was a workshop with Mandy Forbes “ Fun with Photographs on Fabric”

Afternoon programs included  the following:

Feb 27…Shirley Clement who spoke about her hand dyed fibres.

Members “cotton fabric” sale followed the speaker.

March 12 was soup day followed by a presentation by Dr Stephanie Radu on “Preserving Heirlooms”.

COVID-19 update: CEG London Executive has cancelled classes and workshops for the remainder of the current year.
They also decided to cancel Showcase of Textile Arts and Summer Workshop for this year, too.

Please see our web site for more information.

Report – January 2020

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN rep

On November 2,2019 a workshop called “ Creative Collage” was held with Sarah Cowling.

Afternoon programs for the Fall term included the following:
Sept. 26. Rug Hooking with Peg Fairs and Marjorie Duizer
Oct. 10. Flax Processing with Cat Haggert.
Oct. 24. Costume Design and Tailoring with Matt Dawe.
Nov. 14. Book Arts Today with Jan Taylor
Nov. 28. Bean to bar chocolate with Philippe Lehner

Evening group enjoyed the following classes:
Seeding of Stitches; Sacred Geometry in Fabric Arts; Hand -Coiled Baskets; Needle-felted birds in 3D; Boro; and Fold,Tuck and Stitch.

On Monday Dec 9 Evening group enjoyed a Christmas social and orientation for Winter Classes

On Thursday Dec 12 Day Group enjoyed a pot luck lunch and orientation to Winter Classes

Summer Workshop June 8-12 2020 Venue: John Labatt Visual Arts Centre, Western University
Stitching Stories — Chung-Im Kim
3 day workshop, June 8-10, 2020– $300 for CEG members– $350 for non-members
Embroidery and Mixed Media— Takashi Iwasaki
3 day workshop, June 10-12, 2020- $300 for CEG members– $350 for non-members

Registration will open to non-members on January 1st, 2020
For further information please visit our web site at:

Report 2019 – October

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Rep

The CEG Annual general meeting was held on Saturday September 7, 2019 at Wesley-Knox United Church

Total membership for CEG  to date is 175 including 28 new members.

Classes for the Fall term include the following:

Day Group

Using Images to print and adorn; Textile wrapped coiled baskets; Just rust; Beginning Stitches;  Bead Knitting and Corralling; Pulled Thread; Fabric Covered Books; Garden Delights; Independent Stitchers.

Evening Group

Beginning Stitches; Sacred Geometry in Fabric Arts; Hand Coiled Baskets; Flight of Fancy..Needle felted Birds; Boro; Fold,Tuck and Stitch; Independent Stitchers.

Saturday November 2 there will be an all day workshop with Sarah Cowling on “Creative Collage with Tissue and Fabric.”

Report – August 2019

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Rep

Showcase of Textile Arts was held on April 26 and 27 at Wesley Knox United Church and marked the end of our Guild year. This exhibition was a display of all the work created over the Guild year.

Upcoming classes, workshops and Summer Workshop for 2019-2020 were also on display.

Through the summer months various focus groups continue to meet at members homes.

Summer Workshop for 2019 was held from June 3 to June 7 at Western University.

Kate Bridger from June 3 to 7

Janet Scruggs from June 4 -5

Nell Burns from June 6-7

Next year Summer Workshop will be held from June 8-12, 2020 at John Labatt Visual Arts Center, Western University.

5 day workshop…” Hot wax and cool dyes” An introduction to Batik with Karen Astrid Clark

Karen is from Flin Flon Manitoba

3 day workshops ….”Stitching Stories” with Chung-Im Kim

Chung-Im is from Cookstown, Ontario

………”Embroidery and Mixed Media” with Takashi Iwasaki

Takashi is from Winnipeg, Manitoba

For further information please see our web site at

Report – April 2019

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Representative

Inspiration Day
“A Modern Take on Penny Quilts” with Tammy Sparling was held on Thursday January 10, 2019 and was for all members of CEG.

Winter Retreat
Another successful retreat was held at Camp Trillium from January 31 to February 3
The 30+ members who braved the cold weather had a wonderful time.

Afternoon programs included the following:
January 24…..My Sister’s Place Expression Group
February 14….Valentines Day Party
Speaker: Art and Spirituality with Monica Bodirsky from OCADU
February 28….My Life in Stitches with Ann Fenwick
March 14….Whistle Stop
Everything you Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask

Upcoming events:
Members are looking forward to an Indigo dyeing workshop with Bethany Garner on March 30.

Showcase of Textile Arts will be held on Friday April 26, 2019 and Saturday April 27, 2019

Summer Workshop will be held June 3-7,2019 featuring:
Kate Bridger…5 day workshop..”Earth, Wind, Fire and Water”…June 3-7
Janet Scruggs…2 day workshop…”Scorched”…June 4-5
Nell Burns….2 day workshop…” Creating texture with Free Motion Embroidery” June 6-7

Please check our web site for further information…

Report – January 2019

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Rep

A successful two day workshop was held on September 22 and 23 with Gunnel Hag on Colour Vie.

Afternoon Programs held during the Fall term included the following:

Sept 27  Pat Burns Wendland, Master Spinner, Weaver and dyer

October 25  Leila Nattagh spoke on “Recycling Fabrics”  Members were encouraged to wear repurposed clothing.

November 8  Shana Elijah spoke on : Indigenous Regalia”

November 22  Tea tasting Tea Party with Stefanie Stolze from The Tea Haus

Community Outreach:

November 29 another “Bag Ladies Day” was held with local CTV news covering the process with a video shown on the evening news. An article outlining the work CEG does to provide Mastectomy Bags for St Joseph Hospital was also a focus in the Newsletter for St Joseph Hospital. 400 bags were made that day by CEG volunteers.

Read the article here:

December 10

Evening group enjoyed a Christmas social and orientation of classes for Winter term.

December 13

Day group celebrated the end of the term with a Pot Luck Lunch. A Show and Share was held after lunch for members  to share their projects from the Fall classes. Following the Show and Share was Orientation to the Winter Term classes.

Summer Workshop will be held during the week of June 3-7, 2019

5 day workshop:  Earth, Wind, Fire and Water with Kate Bridger   June 3-7, 2019

2 day workshop:  Scorched with Janet Scruggs   June 4-5, 2019

2 day workshop:  Creating Texture with Free Motion Embroidery with Nell Burns   June 6-7, 2019

Please see our website for more information

Registration for non CEGL members opens January 1, 2019

Report – April 2018

Submitted by Roberta Whitmore, ONN Representative

We started Winter Term on January 11, 2018, with Inspiration Day which was an all -day workshop with Bethany Garner called ”Sea Garden Pouches.”

Bethany guided participants in the making of small bags or wall hangings using collaged fabric scraps which were then beaded and embroidered.

“Let’s gather and stitch” was held on Thursday, January 18, and is another day for all members to get together to stitch independently and socialize from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm

Evening classes began on January 8 and day classes on January 25.

Winter Retreat, held at Camp Trillium in Waterford, Ontario, from February 15 to 18 was well attended.

Afternoon programs continued with the following:

January 25: Open Forum – Bounty Bag Fund raiser

February 8: Speaker from Westland Gallery – the Marsh Store (vendor)

February 22: Speakers from the Spinners and Weavers Guild – The “other fabrics” sale

March 8: Jen Wilson – Embroidered faces graffiti style! & Member and library: book, paper and pattern sale

March 22: Ann Campbell, Doll Collection – members display of their own doll collections

April 12: Pot Luck lunch, Spring budget, Show and Share & preview next year’s classes

Report – December 2017

Guild began for CEG London with the annual general meeting on September 9, at St Michael and All Angels Church. The first classes got underway on September 11, for the evening group and September 28, for the day group.

Afternoon programs take place on days when the day group meets and all members are welcome to attend.

This year the committee has enhanced the afternoon program to include speakers, vendors and fabric sales. Our speakers for the fall term were:

  • Sharmista Kar: Not your grandmother’s embroidery
  • Stephanie Hull: Art Therapy
  • Cynthia McNair: Quilts from Israel
  • CEG member Jesse Amery: Special presentation of clothing and household goods from life in Lebanon, Syria, Arabia and Egypt.
  • Laila Brandt and Teresa Ainsworth: The history of the London Potters Guild
  • Vendor: Krafty Kennedys

Fabric and notions were the focus of our sales.

A lino block workshop with Jen Hamilton that was held on November 4, went well.

Congratulations are in order for three CEG members.CEG-LondonShow_3669Laura Wythe on the publication of her first novel “The Bones” whose main character is a textile curator with the Royal Ontario Museum. The novel is about climate change. Laura will be having a show in April at the Masonville library called “Text to Textile” which will be a show based on her novel “The Bones.”

Jackie Venus for her invitation to submit works. After taking an online course in thread painting from Dionne Swift, Jackie was invited to submit up to three new pieces to be shown at the Knitting and Stitching Shows at the Alexandra Palace, Dublin and Harrogate shows during 2018, and also Olympia and Hawar in Holland and Abruzzi in Italy. Pictures will be available on the CEG London website after their first showing.


Sylvia Alwan for winning an award in the art and photo contest for depicting London area architectural structures built in 1867 or earlier. Sylvia’s art was of the Talbot building past and present.

Our final meeting for 2017 was held on Thursday, December 14, with a pot luck lunch and orientation for classes in 2018.

CEG London Summer Workshop 2018
(Registration for non-members begins February 1, 2018)

Crazy Quilting |  June 4 – 8, 2018
Judith Baker Montano | 5-day workshop

Nature Narratives |  June 5 & 6, 2018
Alice Vander Vennen | 2-day workshop

Indigenous Beaded Artwork |  June 7 & 8, 2018
Katherine Boyer | 2-day workshop

Please see our website for more information: