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This series of 4 one-day workshops led by Judith Martin is an exciting part of events that are marking CEG London’s 45 anniversary beginning September 2016. By offering these four workshops with Judith, many will have the opportunity to experience her thoughtful approach to meditative hand stitching.

The Workshops

Celebrating Our Circles is a series of workshops that has been designed with CEG London’s anniversary in mind. The focus will be stitching on vintage handkerchiefs that have a personal connection to the stitcher. The metaphysical motifs of circles and dots will figure heavily in the work. Learn several different ways to create the archetypical motif of the circle within a square. Make considered and beautiful marks to create a personal textile with your own story. A personal history can be indicated through colour and extra additions.

Judith will demonstrate one common technique in all the workshops but in each workshop, she will show one different technique as follows:

  • September 20, Tuesday: reverse applique dot
  • September 21, Wednesday: Scandinavian Sun Flower motif
  • September 22, Thursday: Indian chemanthy circular stitch
  • September 24, Saturday: Indian chemanthy circular stitch

You can find the registration form on the CEG London website.

The Artist

Judith Martin is a sought-­‐after textile artist living on Manitoulin Island since 1993. As one or our Summer Workshop teachers in 2008, she made an impact on those who were lucky enough to be in that class. She holds a degree in Fine Art from Lakehead University and a degree in Embroidered Textiles from Middlesex University, London, UK. Judith has been part of at least 100 exhibitions in Canada, US, Japan and Europe. Twenty four have been solo.

From her artist’s statement, she says, “The fabric constructions I make combine fine art’s conceptualism with traditional women’s craft. Photographs, drawings, paintings, and objects are mixed with fabric, threads, and text in order to communicate poetically. Meditative handwork fills most of the pieces.”

In an interview with World of Threads, her work is described as “…beautiful, labour intensive and complex. Personal yet universal, traditional yet contemporary…”. Judith reveals her passion for her family and her environment. The amount of hand stitching in her pieces is awe-­inspiring. Again, from World of Threads, “…Not only does the stitching make the time spent with each piece visible, the handwork adds the sense of touch, a sense more psychologically profound than the sense of sight.” Read the complete interview on the World of Threads Festival website.

Please visit these websites to learn more about Judith Martin and her work:

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